Trip Incentives

 Trip Incentives can grow incremental ad sales within 90 days

  • Bottomline delivers a quick and continuing turnkey solution for newspapers and broadcast to generate new revenue, incremental sales and a long list of other benefits
  • Create large incremental revenue by pulling advertising dollars from competitive newspapers or stations as well as direct mail
  • Create an exciting, cost-effective opportunity for your sales team to offer current advertisers something new
  • Motivate and reward your sales team in a way that creates excitement with employees and boosts your company’s reputation and performance.
  • Foster client loyalty and grow new business from existing customers
  • Develop an enthusiastic “sales force focus” for launching a new product or service
  • Offer an exclusive travel package unique to your market (Bottomlline Consultants Inc. works exclusively with only one media per market)

Additional benefits of travel programs:

  • Provide non-taxable income/rewards for your top producers’
  • Create opportunity for quality time with sponsor/partner
  • Increase cross-selling
  • Achieve buy-in for new direction in sales strategy
  • Keep quality employees

Bottomline delivers a Proven Plan for the Newspaper and Broadcast Industry

  • Bottomline’s team of leading service-oriented professionals specializes in the newspaper and broadcast industry
  • Bottomline’s programs results in an increase in sales performance of 22%
  • We provide a thorough strategy evaluation — based on your company’s revenue goals.  Then we design a custom, turn-key travel motivation package to achieve them
  • We have the buying power and experience to provide you the best programs at the best values
  • We can provide complete program administration:
    • Management overviews
    • Identify key prospects, set goals and expectations
    • Create kick-off announcements and parties
    • Assist with sales calls
    • Assist with client brochure design and production
    • Generate monthly emails and mailings to keep clients motivated
    • Provide a full support staff for your trip

Jump Start Sales

Getting started is easy.   Our professionals can get you up and running quickly.  We help you grow your revenue in as little as 90 days.  We will help you target a goal and send out your sales team armed with a turn-key solution that works.   We’ll answer your questions, design a program for your immediate use and be there every step of the way.

Minimal Cost Involved.  Because trips are paid for with a percentage of the incremental revenue, very little cost is sustained by you.  After the initial kick off, little effort is needed once your advertisers have signed up for the program.

Contact Us Today.   Find out more about how Bottomline can help you generate new incremental revenues in a way that will make your budget’s bottom line smile.