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Newspapers and broadcast organizations that embrace new avenues to connect advertiser with targeted audiences will maintain and even grow their market dominance.  It also requires a different mindset from the sales team, the most effective group to drive transformation of the entire business.

At BottomLine Consultants Inc., we believe prospering news organizations are much more than traditional information pipelines.  By offering your clients and audiences targeted events and programs,  you are allowing your advertisers to reach the people they want to reach in new ways.

Our experienced and proven team can create turnkey revenue producers that not only will engage your advertisers and audience with you, but will also change how your operation views itself.  Learn how BottomLine Consultants Inc. can help you create expos, trip incentives, revenue driving sales training and more.

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Top revenue producer helps other media companies transform, drive new business

The sales vice president who led the biggest metro newspaper revenue turnaround in decades in just 30 months and during the recession has started a consulting company to help other media duplicate that performance.

Mark Ficarra, most recently Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the San Diego Union-Tribune, now heads up BotttomLine Consultants, Inc. and is showing media sales directors how to transform their teams and companies into full service marketing solutions for advertisers. BottomLine Consultants offers turnkey revenue jolts such as expos and trip incentives to drive revenue from non-traditional advertising budgets.

“Expos and other new revenue sources help media companies not only with pipelines of new income, they also train sales teams to compete aggressively and innovatively in the new competitive landscape they face,” Ficarra said. “To win these days, newspapers and media companies have to transform consciously and permanently into full service marketing companies that show advertisers new and effective ways to make business happen besides putting messages next to content.”

“Our experienced and proven team provides all the materials, training, strategy and guidance that media companies need to take advantage of these new income streams.  They also increase revenue retention from long-term customers, connect the media personalities to clients and audience and powerfully demonstrate the value of your media company to the readers, advertisers and sales and editorial staffs.”

Platinum Equity bought the San Diego paper in 2009 and sold it 30 months later, after bringing Ficarra and a new publisher on board. The San Diego magazine, SD Metro, credited the pair and the new editor with the turnaround, calling it “the fastest turnaround in newspaper industry history,”

Ficarra was previously a publisher and Vice President of Sales/Marketing in Phoenix and San Diego. He has also consulted with sales teams nationwide.

Ficarra says that news media operations have to transform their entire approach to how they do business and help advertising partners to survive these days. By using the marketing punch of news audience to promote newly developed content, connections and communities with advertisers, formerly dominant media companies can maintain and even grow their value and revenue. Devices such as expos and trip incentives not only provide the tools for advertisers, they also serve as training and culture-changing experiences for sales staff and the rest of the company. These give them hands-on, how-to lessons in how to think, act and succeed differently.

News organizations don’t need to know all the ins and outs of these mechanisms, thanks to the finely honed check sheet and experienced players at BottomLine Consultants Inc., which has, for example, 400-plus action items identified just to put on an expo, such as the Successful Aging Expo that Ficarra produced in multiple metro markets.  BottomLine helps with every aspect of the production, sales, marketing, editorial and practical planning and execution, and clients pick the options that fit their needs.

“Traditional media remains a valuable and central way for advertisers to reach targeted customers,” Ficarra said. “We just need to transform ourselves into broader and more effective marketing partners, and we will thrive and grow.”


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