Amazing Aging Expo: Grow revenue, audience, loyalty

The media outlets that will survive and thrive in this new business reality are those that change with the times, create broader marketing and advertising connections for their customers and drive new business.

Amazing Aging Expos leverage your existing resources to create a new business unit that markets your entire organization to the 40-plus crowd, creating unique and continuing relationships among advertiser, audience and news organization.

Instead of providing information alone, an Amazing Aging Expo offers this key audience a fun and useful experience they will want to re-live and share.

Computer icon Michael Dell says the key to winning in the information age is to have content, commerce and community – all three. We’ve had content and commerce. Creating a community of shared experience and connection that develops loyalty and engagement has been in shorter supply.  Expos create opportunity to engage your advertisers and audience personally and keep them engaged through long-term and year-round programs that touch all your products. You will leverage the power and persuasion of your existing resources to develop more powerful marketing capability, more audience and more advertisers while growing the rest of your business.

Benefits of an Amazing Aging Expo

  • Brand your company to the  business community as a complete successful and marketing solution
  • Generate incremental revenue through a proven-results system
  • Grow or maintain spending from current advertisers and transform your sales team by developing brand products with audiences and engaged relationships with them and advertisers.
  • Create a new business unit.
  • Demonstrate your expertise as the trusted and knowledgeable marketing source in your region. Show your employees, advertisers and the community the power and punch of your organization. This is team-building for the entire organization and loyalty-building for advertisers and community.
  • Create new avenues for advertisers and content to a key audience interested in living longer and healthier, finance, fun, social engagement, travel, real estate and much more.
  • Connect your media personalities and key people directly to audience and advertisers in a fun, successful and useful format.  Expos grow your audience.
  • Present and be recognized for a valuable community service that only a powerful, local and connected marketing organization could provide.

Bottomline Consultants will help you through more than 400 action steps needed for a successful expo. Our experienced and  proven team provides all the materials, training, strategy and guidance that media companies need to take advantage of these new income streams.  Make it as turnkey as you want it to be. Action steps and program points include:

  • Help pick the venue, floor plant, event strategy, revenue strategy and activation.
  • Incremental advertising tracking system, so you know what truly is plus-revenue generated
  • Detailed summary of event financials.
  • Pre-event planning, creation of scope of event.
  • Help create event budget
  • Help create show look
  • Help with graphic designers in developing overall event brand.
  • Work with program and schedule seminars
  • Assist marketing team on Public Relations opportunities
  • Sales training
  • Launch event to sales team.
  • Launch event to advertising community
  • Event floor plan.
  • Plan and execute event tab/section
  • About 400 more action steps, down to where to put competitive booths and how to run power.

Next step: Contact Bottomline Consulting at 602-549-6936. We’ll look at your market, advertisers, audience and products and produce an assumption on event size and opportunity, setting realistic expectations.